Kobudo Series Sai- [12500]

Great for practicing self-defense and martial art forms.  Side guards not only provide coverage for the hand, but also for defense by blocking or catching an
opponent’s attack.  Helps teach essential timing and rhythm patterns in

Octagon Sai- [1250]

*Electroplated finish resists chipping
* Durable forged steel with leather wrapped handles for durability
*Round iron stems
Sold in pairs.

Colors: Black or Chrome

Polypropylene Sai- [12513]

•Lightweight and durable
•Traditional round stem and handles for a better grip
Solid in pairs

Length: 21”
Weight: 7.1 oz

**Note: Due to state laws, we are not allowed to sell this item in the following states

Round Chrome Sai- [1251]

*Great for practicing and improving accuracy
*Electroplated finish resists chipping
*Round iron stems and leather wrap handles for durability
Sold in pairs
Colors:Black or ChromeAvailable Lengths: 15", 18", or 19-1/

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