Dragon Tonfa- [1299]

•Multi-color dragon graphic for an impressive look
•4-1/2" grip for proper control
Durable wood construction
Shaft Lengths: 18" or 20"
Approx. Weight: 1 LB

Expandable Steel Baton- [12054]

*Steel constructed baton with soft grip handle includes a nylon carrying case
*Telescope opens with a wrist flick and closes by driving into a hard surface
*Features friction lock

Sizes: 16", 21", or 26"
Color: Blac

Foam Tonfa- [129500]
Yield simplicity and power with this tonfa. Constructed of a matte-finish, shock-resistant foam and wooden core, this tonfa is great for martial artists of all skill levels.
Kobudo Series Shogei- [12590]
A truly unique yet incredible weapon, practice with the Kyoketsu Shogei is now practical with this newly designed weapon from ActionFlex.  Similar to a Kusarigama (sickle and chain), the Kyoketsu Shogei originated as a Japanese farming tool. Offers
Kobudo Series - Tonfa- [12100]
Based on an age old Okinawan farming tool used for the grinding of rice. When used for protection, the practitioner can solidly grasp the handle and protect the wrist and forearm. Designed just like its wooden counterpart to both block and strike. Helps
Polypropylene Tonfa- [12912]

•Grooves allow a more realistic grip
•Handles are ergonomically shaped to rotate freely
•Great for training police and security agencies
Sold in pairs

Grip Length: 4-3/4”
Overall Length: 22-3/4”
Weight: 15

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