70 LB Diamond Tech Heavy Bag- [1012D1]
70 Lb heavy bag
Century® Gold Leather Fight Gloves- [143000L]

This glove features an open-thumb, open-palm design with sectional padding for improved dexterity. Constructed of genuine leather with high-end, shock-repellent foam and a wrap-around wrist strap with hook/look closure. Red and blue gloves have Clinc

Century® Hand Wraps- [14903]

*Available in 116" or 180" lengths
*Hook and loop closure for snug fit
*Thumb loop to secure strap before wrapping
*100% cotton and machine washable
Sold in pairs
Color: White
Sizes: 116" or 180"

Century® Original Wavemaster®- [10162]

  • Constructed for consistent heavy use
  • High density foam padding for maximum impact absorption
  • Sealed fill cap helps to prevent leaking
  • Base can be filled with water or sand
  • Round base for easy relocation
  • Seven hei
  • $139.99
    Century MMA Round Timer- [14386P]

  • Vary workout intensity with 2, 3, or 5 minute rounds
  • Set alert option to bell, vibrate, or both
  • Select from 1 to 12 rounds to maximize the challenge
  • Choose from 30 or 60 second rest periods
  • Includes hook and look strap<
  • $7.99
    Macho Genesis Shin Guard- [11756]
    The Macho Genesis Shin Guard provides all of the impact absorption that the Macho Genesis line of sparring gear offers in its other items. These guards are designed for the snug fit that martial artists crave.
    Men's Leather Wrap Bag Gloves- [14371P]

    Our professional grade gloves were designed for heavy bag, speed bag, or fitness training. Premium features include finger-specific padding for full dexterity, curved construction for less hand fatigue, cushioned grip bar for precise fist formation, a

    Open Face Headgear- [149151P]

    Engineered for optimum visibility and hearing during training makes our new headgear better than ever, with updates such as larger, padded ear holes. Imported.

    Sizes: S/M, L/XL

    Colors: Black/Red

    Women's Focus Mitts- [14387P]

    *Lightweight and compact design to prevent hand fatigue during partner training
    *Features guided finger slots to prevent slipping and provides a secure grip
    *Constructed of sturdy polyurethane material
    Sold in pairs


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